Andrew & Kayla

Andrew & Kayla from On the Beach on Vimeo.

Andrew and Kayla’s big day was my first wedding in Vancouver and as expected it was quite a different experience from shooting in Tofino. This couple’s love for the city was obvious as their wedding day was spread across Vancouver.

It ended up being one of the nicest days of the year so far. When Andrew and his wedding party headed out for breakfast in Surrey, I was already thinking I should have worn sunscreen. The ceremony happened atop Burnaby mountain at SFU, a beautiful venue with floor to ceiling windows over looking the inlet that really shone in the day’s sun. The highlight of the ceremony for me was the kiss, probably my favourite one so far. In fact, Kayla’s bubbly personality led to a lot of great shots for the video as she was able be herself, even with the cameras around.

The only downside to having a wedding on such a beautiful day is trying to find parking around English Bay for the photo shoot. On that note if you’re ever trying to save the last parking spot for a van load of groomsmen, just ask the bride to stand in that spot and politely wave other cars away! The reception on Granville Island was a lively one, with great food, heartfelt speeches and lots and lots of dancing. Not your average dancing either. I’m talking dance circles, with guests trading off windmills for head spins. All in all it was a pretty memorable day for me, so I can only imagine how it must have felt for the newlyweds. Congratulations Andrew and Kayla!!