On the Beach Tofino Wedding Video

Danon & Adrienne – Shell Beach

Danon & Adrienne had one of those weddings that seemed like it was as much about their family and friends as it was about them. But with friends like theirs, it’s hard to imagine it being any other way. Even though weddings are about two families coming together it really felt at times like this group was already one big family and the wedding was just about celebrating a sure thing.
Adrienne and Danon chose to have their wedding at The Wickanninish Inn, and made great use of their perfect September day by having both their ceremony and reception on the Wick’s private Shell Beach. The day also provided amazing light most of the day which made for some great shots for both their video and their photos, which were taken by Chris Pouget. After enjoying dinner and toasts by sunset things broke into a very ’90′s dance party, which had me flashing back to high school dances and had Adrienne, Danon and their guests breakin’ it down all night long!

Karen & Mike – Traveling Companions

A destination wedding was perfect for Karen & Mike, a couple who’ve spent as much time traveling together as possible. In the morning of their wedding, they even surprised one another with different trips! Karen is taking Mike to Mongolia, while Mike surprised Karen with a trip to Madagascar! The rest of their wedding day was just as fun and energetic, with a beautiful ceremony on Chesterman Beach, hilarious and heartfelt toasts from loved-ones and dancing the night away.
Karen & Mike had their reception at The Shore, overlooking Tofino’s Harbour. The wedding day was coordinated by Rare Earth and catered by RedCan Gourmet. Photographers were Kristy & Ken from Blush. Their DJ was the awesome John DeVries of Ukee Rocks.
Thank you Karen & Mike for having me capture your special day!

Kristy & Mike – West Coast Ceilidh

Friends and family descended on Big Beach from as far away as the United Kingdom, Asia and Africa for Kristy and Mike’s wedding ceremony. They were greeted with a perfectly sunny west coast day and beautiful ceremony arch designed by Compass Wedding Cafe. The ceremony was officiated by “Hitchhike Mike” Gitelman, who always creates a very unique, sentimental and genuine ceremony. Mike even helped decorate the beach by incorporating some wildflowers and beach grass. The ceremony also saw a unique ring-warming in which the guests all passed around the rings and gave their blessings while singing The Beatles’ “Oh Blah Dee, Oh Blah Dah”!

After the ceremony Mike & Kristy had a photo session with the amazing Erin Wallis while the guests enjoyed snacks and cocktails in the Wine Cellar at the Black Rock. Their reception was held in the Ballroom at the Black Rock, where they enjoyed dinner and toasts before moving into a traditional Ceilidh dance, in honour of Mike’s Scottish roots. As most of the guests were new to the dances, things were led by The Slowpokes Ceilidh Band while everyone followed instructions and tried to keep up! Mike, Kristy and their guests also enjoyed cake from Zoe’s Bakery & Cafe in Ucluelet, Dj services by Ukee Rocks! and a Photo Booth from the ever wonderful Four Frames. All flowers were provided by Crabapple Floral in Tofino, Hair and make-up by MaLuxe and the entire day would not have been what it was without the amazing help of Suzanne from West Coast Weddings and Events!

Mike & Kristy, thank you for letting me capture your day!

Joey & Leesa – Elopement at the Black Rock

Joey and Leesa love each other clearly and emphatically. They came to Ucluelet to elope because they wanted to celebrate that love, uninterrupted. And that’s just what they did. They had their ceremony in the Wine Cellar at Ucluelet’s Black Rock Resort. From the moment Joey saw Leesa in her dress, it was clear that they both could hardly contain their love and excitement. It seemed like they forgot the cameras were even there!
This past weekend, Joey and Leesa held a dinner for family and friends where they premiered their wedding film and watched the ceremony for the first time with loved ones. While Joey and Leesa chose to spend their wedding day alone together, they still wanted their loved ones to be a part of the celebration. It was a privilege that they chose me to help them do that. Thank you and a big congratulations once again, Leesa & Joey!!

The Hazards of Tuff City – Tofino Guerrilla Film Festival 2015

This past weekend was my one of my personal favourite events on the calendar in Tofino, the Tofino Guerrilla Film Festival! As a fundraiser for the Tofino Film Festival, locals submit their own cinematic works of art to be voted upon by the raucous audience at the Shelter Restaurant. I narrowly won the event for the second time last year by only one vote for my film “The Local Menace” (which you can find on this Blog). The Three-peat was not to be however, as this year the win went to Markus Pukonen for his Stand-up Puddle-boarding Mockumentary.
Nevertheless, filming these projects is always a blast, and this one was no different. Driving on the logging roads is always a good time, so I wanted to showcase that while paying tribute to one of Television’s best known shows. Also, I should mention that although it seems like we were driving around with reckless abandon, we were actually very careful to do things safely! No cars were harmed in the making of this film.
Here it is, Enjoy!!

Jamie & Ron – November Elopement

For their wedding, Jamie and Ron were looking to keep things simple and chose to have a small ceremony with only their closest friends and family present. The bride and groom each quietly got ready in their rooms, Jamie getting her hair done up ensuite by Lise from Salty Dolls. With the expectation of the stormy weather and grey skies that are more common in November, they chose to have their ceremony in the Great Room at Long Beach Lodge. Instead of the storms however, they were gifted with an unusually bright, beautiful fall day, the kind of unexpectedly beautiful day that seems to always work out for weddings. The sunny weather gave an extra energy to an already emotional ceremony, and when things got under way Jamie and Ron were clearly thrilled to finally be tying the knot as they laughed and cried their way through their vows and exchanging of rings.
After the ceremony and a family photo session with Marnie Recker, Jamie and Ron took a stroll through the rainforest near the lodge, then found themselves back on the beach for a stunning sunset over the rolling waves of Cox Bay. For me, it was a little like deja vu, watching a newly married couple enjoy an unusually gorgeous sunset on their wedding day. Not a bad day at the office.

Thanks, Jamie and Ron, for making me a part of such a special day.

Desirae & Karl – September Sunset

Living in Tofino for a few years now, I’ve learned to love September. The town starts to quiet down from the summer rush, fog is no longer a daily occurrence, the swells start to get better again, but most of all, the weather is incredible! Desirae and Karl must have known this when they picked their late September wedding date, and sure enough September delivered. Their ceremony happened on Cox Bay, right in front of the Long Beach Lodge, under the warm September sun with a strong Pacific swell rolling in behind them. On a day like theirs, the sunflower definitely seemed like the perfect choice for a bouquet.
After the ceremony the newlyweds and their guests enjoyed a champagne toast on the Lodge’s patio before Desirae & Karl snuck off for some photos with Marnie Recker, and more importantly, some fish tacos from Tacofino! Desirae & Karl made it back to the beach with their guests just in time for what had to be the best sunset of the year (I saw a lot of sunsets this year so that’s saying something!). It was really special to see the entire wedding party come out to enjoy the sunset. The kids played with kelp and driftwood while couples paired off and enjoyed some tender moments together while the sun sank behind the horizon. It was a fitting way to mark the end of what had been such a beautiful day.

Christina & John – Married at Cox Bay

Christina and John are a perfect example of how family helps build a strong relationship. It was the common theme from all the toasts of the evening, with family members from both sides sharing their stories of memories with the happy couple. It occurred to me that these memories were also moments that must have helped strengthen their relationship, and shape it into what it is today. Christina’s uncle shared the story of when John and Christina came to live with his family in Scotland, and how through that experience John became a member of his family. It was experiences like these on both sides of the family that led John and Christina to their wedding day and the life they have together today.

Christina and John were married in front of the Pacific Sands Resort, in the small cove at the north end of Cox Bay Beach. Their cocktails and reception happened at the Tofino Botanical Gardens oysters, hors d’oeuvres, and barbecued salmon provided by Red Can Gourmet. They were photographed by Marnie Recker and the entire day was co-ordinated by Sheila at Rare Earth Weddings, with help from Smashing Glasses.

Adele & Sandy – Vow renewal on Meare’s Island

The biggest challenge I had when putting together Adele & Sandy’s film was deciding what to include and what to leave out of their edit. Despite only spending a few short hours with them, I was able to capture so much. Since it was just the two of them, their celebrant Barbara Densmore made sure Adele and Sandy took their time to read through the vows and promises they wrote for each other to let things really sink in. She also included some important symbols  to tie together what mattered most to Adele and Sandy’s relationship. Their Family. Adele and Sandy brought a stone from their home in Alberta, which they marked and left hidden at the ceremony site. They also collected five small stones from the island’s pebble beach to represent Adele, Sandy and their children. The stones took the place of rings, over which Adele and Sandy sealed their new vows. The day was warm and peaceful, the ceremony simple and beautiful. Congratulations, Adele & Sandy, on 10 years of marriage. Thank you for letting me take part.



Brandi & Neil – The Grand Entrance

Like most couples, Brandi & Neil wanted their wedding to be unforgettable. The way they went about doing that was a little different than most. Brandi wanted to make a big entrance, so she decided to arrive at her ceremony not in a limousine, but in a helicopter! To make this an unforgettable entrance it had to be kept secret, so the only people who knew were the planners, photographers, myself and the marriage commissioner. She even managed to keep the secret from her Dad, who was to walk her down the aisle. She told him that she wanted some photos together before the ceremony. I think he must have figured it out when we pulled into the Atleo Air hangar at the Tofino Airport. Brandi’s Dad was already looking forward to walking his daughter down the aisle, so the chopper ride was icing on the cake for him. He was smiling ear-to-ear the entire time. The energy and excitement of the helicopter at the beginning of the ceremony carried throughout the rest of the day, and their reception was filled with lots of laughter, love, hugs and dancing.

Brandi & Neil were married on Mackenzie Beach by Andrea Hanson and had their reception at the Tin Wis Resort.  Their flowers and decorations were provided by Petal & Kettle and their cake was made by Coastal Cakes. The guys from Vivid Photography were there to capture some amazing photos. The helicopter entrance was piloted by Josh at Atleo Air. Thanks you, Brandi & Neil for making me a part of your big day, and thanks for the chopper ride!!!