A Year in Review

Well, happy new year to everyone! I couldn’t be more pleased with how my first year making wedding videos in Tofino has gone! It’s been a series of great experiences so far. Every wedding I’ve shot has been so much different from the last, but they have all been so much fun to cover. From a Persian ceremony to Irish dancing, to capturing speeches in Japanese and having a toast at the brewery, there has been no shortage of interesting things happening at these weddings.

I’ve also been pretty lucky to work alongside some great people in Tofino and Ucluelet. Naturally, I spend a lot of my day at a wedding working alongside the photographer. At nearly every wedding I shot this summer I found myself next to either Chris Pouget or Marnie Recker. Both are talented photographers whose professionalism comes through not only in their work, but on the wedding day as well. I’ve also had the chance to work with Suzanne at West Coast Weddings and Events, and she always impresses me with her organization and attention to detail.

Most of all, a big thank you to all of the brides and grooms who entrusted me with capturing their big day! Thanks especially for taking a chance and supporting me in my first year! As I continue to improve, each video I make becomes my new best work. All of the positive feedback I’ve received has helped me to improve my product a little bit each time. I’m really optimistic for 2013 and what it has in store for me! See you in the new year!