Adele & Sandy – Vow renewal on Meare’s Island

The biggest challenge I had when putting together Adele & Sandy’s film was deciding what to include and what to leave out of their edit. Despite only spending a few short hours with them, I was able to capture so much. Since it was just the two of them, their celebrant Barbara Densmore made sure Adele and Sandy took their time to read through the vows and promises they wrote for each other to let things really sink in. She also included some important symbols  to tie together what mattered most to Adele and Sandy’s relationship. Their Family. Adele and Sandy brought a stone from their home in Alberta, which they marked and left hidden at the ceremony site. They also collected five small stones from the island’s pebble beach to represent Adele, Sandy and their children. The stones took the place of rings, over which Adele and Sandy sealed their new vows. The day was warm and peaceful, the ceremony simple and beautiful. Congratulations, Adele & Sandy, on 10 years of marriage. Thank you for letting me take part.