Anna & Aaron

Even if they came from Utah, Anna & Aaron are a true West Coast couple. They had met in Vancouver while working on the 2010 Olympics and really fell in love when they came to Tofino together for the first time. So it only seems appropriate that five years after they met, Anna and Aaron would be back in Tofino once again along with their new daughter and all their closest friends. Their love for the area is obvious and they really wanted their guests to embrace what the west coast has to offer. On the evening everyone arrived in Tofino they were greeted with a crab cookout right on the beach amongst the driftwood, then on the morning of the wedding they all cast off to enjoy a whale watch with Jamie’s Whale Watching.

I admit that when I heard Anna & Aaron had both worked to plan the opening and closing ceremonies for the Vancouver games, a part of me wondered whether I might see animatronics and fireworks during their ceremony.  As it turns out their wedding was decidedly the opposite of spectacle. The only fireworks were emotional, the ceremony was held deep in the rainforest and reserved only for Anna & Aaron’s closest loved-ones. The reception dinner was held on the Wickanninish Inn‘s secluded Shell Beach, and in true west coast style they enjoyed a salmon barbecue followed by cocktails around a bonfire. The wedding as a whole was intimate and beautiful, but most importantly it celebrated the love that Anna & Aaron shared together. In the end the only nod to their connection with the Vancouver Games was their wedding cake in the shape of the Olympic rings which came out aglow in sparklers.

Despite being such an intimate wedding, it was packed full of so many great moments that all needed to be included in the final film. From the whale watch to Anna & Aaron’s vows, so many priceless moments with their adorable daughter Meena and such great toasts from both Anna and Aaron’s fathers, none of it could do to be left out and the end result is my longest wedding film yet! Thank you so much, Aaron & Anna, for making me a part of your special day.