Brandon, Kristy and friends

After putting the finishing touches on the DVD for Brandon and Kristy’s wedding, I thought it was about time I wrote a blog post again. Brandon and Kristy’s wedding is the reason wedding videos exist. Sure, it was a wedding in a beautiful place between two beautiful people, but in a way it was the people that surrounded Kristy and Brandon that made it special.
Kristy told me before the wedding that they chose Tofino because it was just far enough out of the way that they were able to keep the party small and surround themselves with only their closest friends and family. Apparently it worked, and it really showed through in their reception. Aside from some beautiful acoustic music from Ron and Ann during dinner, the newly married couple and their guests chose to entertain themselves for the evening. You could call them speeches, but it felt more like a story exchange, with Brandon and Kristy’s friends pulling countless great stories out of the past. But the stories were just the beginning, as Kristy’s dad Gerry and his old friend dusted off their guitars and sang some tunes, while Kristy’s Mom headed a disco inspired group dance number. Even the kids got into the act, with a celtic dance number and a few songs on the microphone.
Kristy, Brandon and their family and friends literally laughed and cried, sang and danced, and had themselves one of those nights where the company of friends is all you really need. I felt fortunate that Brandon and Kristy chose me to capture it all for them. I think the highlight video turned out great and I have a feeling Brandon and Kristy will love the DVD.

Here is a video I just posted of one of Gerry’s songs.

You can see the highlight video on the main page of this site

Or, you can see some photos of the wedding on Marnie Recker’s blog: