Devin & Sarah, Long Beach Lodge

Sarah & Devin’s Wedding at Long Beach Lodge from On the Beach on Vimeo.


There was never any doubt that Devin & Sarah were going to get married in Tofino. They both had such fond memories of visiting Vancouver Island with their families when they were growing up, so they knew Tofino would be the perfect spot to start a family of their own. At the beginning of their ceremony the officiant, Rene, announced that “Devin and Sarah want to get married, and they want to get married here. It’s as simple as that.” It was as simple as that. An intimate wedding surrounded by only their closest friends and family.

So when Devin and Sarah found out that they were the winners of Long Beach Lodge’s “Pimp Your Wedding” contest, it was icing on the cake. No, actually it was a whole wedding cake. And dinner. And the Penthouse Suite. The works from the Lodge, and the works from Tofino’s finest. Flowers from Crab Apple Floral, hair and make-up from Salty Dolls, photography from Marnie Recker, and a video from yours truly. Sarah and Devin were thrilled to have it all. All those things that make a wedding day just right and a way to capture the memories. But in their eyes, I think it just made a perfect day better. Their real gifts that day were the family and friends that came from across the country to their little wedding on a big beach at the edge of the world.

Congratulations, Devin & Sarah.