Mike & Korah

Mike & Korah’s wedding was as much about their family and friends as it was about them. With just over 100 guests making the long trip to Tofino from Kamloops or even further, I thought that this couple either had big families, or a lot of people who loved them. It turns out to be a little bit of both, but with so many people travelling so far to be there it’s obvious that Mike & Korah are important to them. (Then again, maybe they just came because they enjoy a good party. Mike and Korah clearly came through there!) Family was such an important part of the day because Korah, Mike and his son Brandon already are such a tight family. Mike’s Dad spoke about how proud he was of his son and his grandson, while Korah’s Dad talked about the thrill of having and ‘instant’ grand-child with the prospect of more to come. Mike & Korah are blessed with the love & support a large family provides.

The entire wedding day was hosted by the the Tin-Wis Resort, which is a beautiful property overlooking historic MacKenzie Beach. Korah’s stunning bouquet and flowers were provided by Crab Apple Floral. Her and her bridesmaids enjoyed some pink champagne in the morning while having their hair done by the girls at Studio One. I also had the opportunity to work alongside the wonderful photographer Kathleen Ferguson. Congratulations, Mike & Korah!