On Tap: Elopements

Just yesterday, I posted my first elopement video (You can watch “Matt & Melissa” in the gallery on the main page). I’ve really been looking forward to covering an elopement since I started making these videos. They happen often in Tofino, and I was excited to see one first-hand.
I picked the song “Just You” by Amy Stroup because I feel like that’s what elopements are all about. I can think of a thousand reasons why a couple would elope, but what it all boils down to is putting their love for one another before anything else in their lives. What could be more romantic than that? For Matt and Melissa, it seemed like they wanted to get away from it all and have their wedding be something they could enjoy alone, together. And enjoy they did. They kept telling me they did. They laughed, almost cried (but kept it together-as you can see in the video) exchanged vows, and toasted at the brewery. You see, Matt and Melissa love their beer. I know, I know, who doesn’t? But, they really do. For them, it’s all about the microbrews. They both do a lot of traveling to make their living. That’s how they met. In the A-line on a Southwest flight. When they unwind on trips, they sample the local beer wherever they can. And they track it on their iPads. So how could they not go to the local brewery on their wedding day? It’s perfect. Really, their whole day was perfect. Even the sunset, as you can see in the video. You don’t see a lot of sunsets like that in October.
The last time I saw Matt and Melissa, they told me to keep the wedding a secret. They were waiting to tell their family around Christmas time. I don’t think they had left the province before they told me that the secret was out! Clearly, they couldn’t keep it in! Not such a bad thing in my mind. I couldn’t wait to share this video!

Thanks for having me, Matt and Melissa!