Christina & John


Christina and John are a perfect example of how family helps build a strong relationship. It was the common theme from all the toasts of the evening, with family members from both sides sharing their stories of memories with the happy couple. It occurred to me that these memories were also moments that must have helped strengthen their relationship, and shape it into what it is today. Christina’s uncle shared the story of when John and Christina came to live with his family in Scotland, and how through that experience John became a member of his family. It was experiences like these on both sides of the family that led John and Christina to their wedding day and the life they have together today.

Christina and John were married in front of the Pacific Sands Resort, in the small cove at the north end of Cox Bay Beach. Their cocktails and reception happened at the Tofino Botanical Gardens oysters, hors d’oeuvres, and barbecued salmon provided by Red Can Gourmet. They were photographed by Marnie Recker and the entire day was co-ordinated by Sheila at Rare Earth Weddings, with help from Smashing Glasses.