Danon & Adrienne


Danon & Adrienne had one of those weddings that seemed like it was as much about their family and friends as it was about them. But with friends like theirs, it’s hard to imagine it being any other way. Even though weddings are about two families coming together it really felt at times like this group was already one big family and the wedding was just about celebrating a sure thing.
Adrienne and Danon chose to have their wedding at The Wickanninish Inn, and made great use of their perfect September day by having both their ceremony and reception on the Wick’s private Shell Beach. The day also provided amazing light most of the day which made for some great shots for both their video and their photos, which were taken by Chris Pouget. After enjoying dinner and toasts by sunset things broke into a very ’90’s dance party, which had me flashing back to high school dances and had Adrienne, Danon and their guests breakin’ it down all night long!