David & Rebecca


When Rebecca contacted me last spring to inquire about booking me for her wedding, she said she was acting on the advice of all of her girlfriends who were recently married. With a few months to go before her big day in Tofino, Rebecca asked her newlywed girlfriends what they wish they had done differently now that their weddings had come and gone. Rebecca said it was almost unanimous that everyone wished they had hired a videographer. A big part of what makes weddings special is getting families together, which doesn’t happen very often. While wedding photos are beautiful and can bring back some special memories, there are certain things that only video can fully capture.

In David & Rebecca’s case, one of those things is when one of their guests pulled out a ukulele and sang an Elvis cover, then read a poem that they wrote earlier in the day. Another was when the entire reception hall sang Rebecca her childhood lullaby as their version of the kissing game, or when Rebecca serenaded her new husband with “You are my Sunshine”.  They are all moments that one will never forget, but would like to relive again from time to time. This wedding was so full of special moments, it was truly a struggle to fit everything I wanted into the highlight video. The day was gorgeous from the foggy morning to beautiful sunset, the ceremony was personal and intimate, and all the toasts were eloquent and heartfelt. David and Rebecca are truly fortunate to have each other, and to have so many loving family and friends who surround them. That’s what weddings are meant to celebrate.

Dave & Rebecca were married at Middle Beach Lodge in Tofino. They were photographed by Gabe McClintock. As you’ll see in the video, Rebecca did her flowers herself! I think she might have done this before…