Desirae & Karl


Living in Tofino for a few years now, I’ve learned to love September. The town starts to quiet down from the summer rush, fog is no longer a daily occurrence, the swells start to get better again, but most of all, the weather is incredible! Desirae and Karl must have known this when they picked their late September wedding date, and sure enough September delivered. Their ceremony happened on Cox Bay, right in front of the Long Beach Lodge, under the warm September sun with a strong Pacific swell rolling in behind them. On a day like theirs, the sunflower definitely seemed like the perfect choice for a bouquet.
After the ceremony the newlyweds and their guests enjoyed a champagne toast on the Lodge’s patio before Desirae & Karl snuck off for some photos with Marnie Recker, and more importantly, some fish tacos from Tacofino! Desirae & Karl made it back to the beach with their guests just in time for what had to be the best sunset of the year (I saw a lot of sunsets this year so that’s saying something!). It was really special to see the entire wedding party come out to enjoy the sunset. The kids played with kelp and driftwood while couples paired off and enjoyed some tender moments together while the sun sank behind the horizon. It was a fitting way to mark the end of what had been such a beautiful day.