Joey & Leesa


Joey and Leesa love each other clearly and emphatically. They came to Ucluelet to elope because they wanted to celebrate that love, uninterrupted. And that’s just what they did. They had their ceremony in the Wine Cellar at Ucluelet’s Black Rock Resort. From the moment Joey saw Leesa in her dress, it was clear that they both could hardly contain their love and excitement. It seemed like they forgot the cameras were even there!
This past weekend, Joey and Leesa held a dinner for family and friends where they premiered their wedding film and watched the ceremony for the first time with loved ones. While Joey and Leesa chose to spend their wedding day alone together, they still wanted their loved ones to be a part of the celebration. It was a privilege that they chose me to help them do that. Thank you and a big congratulations once again, Leesa & Joey!!