Megan & Rob


Not everyone thinks to visit Tofino in November, especially not for a wedding. It can be dark and stormy, rainy and cold. But, it’s also the best time of year to really experience the rugged energy of the wild west coast. Many people prefer Tofino in the winter, some say Tofino’s storms are what makes it so beautiful. Megan and Rob knew this, chose to have their wedding in November and enjoyed everything a beautiful winter day has to offer. They even managed to avoid rain! They stayed at Long Beach Lodge, had their first look at the front doors and enjoyed some sunshine for their photo session on the beach with Emmy and Aaron
One of the nice parts of a dark Tofino winter is cozying up with friends and family over warm food and drink, sharing stories and laughs while the wind and rain watch from outside. Megan and Rob’s reception was held at The Shelter Restaurant and decorated beautifully. Just about everyone who made a toast remarked about Megan’s organization and attention to detail in everyday life, and how that was reflected in the details that surrounded her loved ones on her wedding day. As Megan was busy being the bride, much of this detail would not have been possible without planning help from Sheila of Rare Earth Weddings.