Steve & Natasha

Natasha & Steve – May 25th 2013 from On the Beach on Vimeo.

Finally, after two years of planning and postponing, Natasha and Steve were able to tie the knot. It happened at Terrace Beach in Ucluelet, on a perfectly warm and sunny May afternoon. It could have happened anywhere, really. Steve and Natasha both work as flight attendants so they have the opportunity to travel almost wherever they want. They had their first date in Halifax, on the other side of the country. Steve proposed to Natasha in Beijing, on the other side of the world. But they chose to have their wedding here. I think we can see why….

Natasha and Steve both worked hard to plan for their day, and their efforts paid off with perfect execution. This really came through in the details. If the ceremony on the beach was fairly simple, then the reception was elegant. The hall at The Cabins is beautiful by itself, but Steve & Natasha made it their own. From the personalized menus to the giant heart casting it’s glow from above the mantlepiece, Steve & Natasha really took care to make sure everything was in place to create a memorable experience for their guests and for themselves.

After spending a few days with the couple and getting to know them as much as I could, it became clear to me that they already knew each other in and out. In the morning, Natasha was telling me that Steve loved airplanes and would always stop and look up when one flew over. Sure enough, only moments after the ceremony ended and Steve and Natasha were hugging their parents, a plane flew over and Steve let go of his mom and watched until the plane was gone behind the trees. But, as much as Steve loves airplanes, he loves Natasha more. He summed it up in his speech to Natasha but you don’t need to hear the speech to see it. Natasha and Steve had an incredible wedding day and I was grateful to be a part of it.